1 year ago on April 29, 2013


notes 5   -  ((do you ever   -  kinda look at an open RP   -  and think about jumping in   -  and even write up the response...   -  but then when it comes time to actually post the thing...   -  just completely lose your nerve?))   -  ((...or is that just me...))

  1. freckledloudmouth said: ((All the fucking time. Fuck, when other people respond to mine? …I sometimes lose the nerve to get back to them, due to insecurity. “What if I don’t live up to expectations I don’t actually know where I was going with this…”))
  2. thatfreakingfennec said: ((Yep. Heck I do it with RPs actually intended for me.))
  3. bringerofthestorm said: //All the time. Definitely not alone.
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